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Michael Jackson's final Gifts to his children After his Death: De La Nuez paintings, 12/2009
Article/L.A. Paper: The article below was the one of countless papers, tv shows and magazines dubbing De La Nuez the "King of Pop Art" after having been the last sale of art to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, before his death. TMZ, Inside Edition, many media shows followed and all used the catchy title over & over.  He was given this name by the press and the galleries ...the King of Pop Art was born as a modern day icon.  De La Nuez had already expanded the world of Pop Art to new heights and new colors. He has rewritten pop art and pop culture for a modern age and taken them far beyond where any other artist years ago began with mere baby steps. The King of Pop Art, partially came about from one of his most famous, creative clients, the King of Pop himself.
LA Newspaper: King of Pop Art Sold his Work to King of Pop
The Pop Art of Nelson De La Nuez: Pop Americana Book Release:
Cartoon Network/Book Release-Signing A New King of Pop Art: LA Time/Burbank
70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Artist:
Pop Artist Nelson De La Nuez Lights up NY Tavern on the Green
De La Nuez at Miami Art Basel Wizard of Oz Takes on Miami Art Basel
Ditching Dorothy Tours World & Becomes Postage Stamp
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