Charities and Donations

For Donation requests, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted only if we are able to fill your request. All of our donations are exclusively for nonprofit organizations. Any items we provide must be sold through silent or live auction, unless otherwise arranged in advance. Pop Land Studios will specify what the opening bid price will be and the item may not be sold for lower than that price in an auction. If the item is not sold, we require that it be returned to Pop Land Studios/Nelson De La Nuez within 7 business days. If the item is priced at more than $100, we must also receive the name and address of the buyer and the donation amount. *The other option that we encourage is to create an event/complete charity evening around the De La Nuez artwork. We can supply all of the art and will give your charity a percentage of the profits raised through an auction that evening. We can help with with themes and other pop culture ideas for the evening's success. The artist will appear and sign limited edition lithographs and artwork that people could purchase for charity as well. Please understand that De La Nuez  receives hundreds of requests per year for donations to different types of events and charities. As a result, we need to screen every request and choose which ones on a yearly basis we will contribute artwork to. Artist Nelson De La Nuez/Pop Land Studios donates to more than 175 charities annually; therefore, there may be times we are unable to fulfill your request based on our monthly and yearly allowances. Determinations for donations are based upon the number of people at your event and several other factors. We are not always able to contact every submission back with an answer if it has been rejected--if you do not hear back, we apologize.

Due to the high volume of donation requests, please submit the form at least 45 days prior to the event for consideration. Thank you!

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Is the artist & a guest invited to the event if his schedule permits? If he attends, he will lend his appearance to the event for signing any auction items or photos.